Video Premiere: 2 Chainz Disses The Haters + Has All The Money In His 'Where You Been' Video Featuring Cap 1

Watch 2 Chainz's new video "Where You Been" featuring Cap 1.

2 Chainz wants to know where the f*** YOU been.

2 Chainz is doing, like, the opposite of resting a mere two days after releasing his sophomore album, B.O.A.T.S. II: Me Time, wasting no time in dropping the video for "Where You Been" featuring guest rapper Cap 1.

The follow-up single to his Pharrell collab "Feds Watching" from earlier this summer, "Where You Been" is, like, the ultimate f*** you to any haters he knew from before he made it really big -- kind of like that fantasy sequence in "Romy And Michele's High School Reunion." Needless to say, we love it.

Watch 2 Chainz's "Where You Been" video featuring Cap 1 after the jump.

The Sharod Marcus Simpson-directed video opens with 2 Chainz clad in Lady Gaga's flip-shade sunglasses from the "Paparazzi" video and what could best be described as Illuminati loungewear. Describing his path to success, the "Netflix" rapper says, "I go to work with no days off/ Everything all paid off," implicitly calling out other artists who expect to just "take [his] style and then take off." Uh oh, Grimes, is 2 Chainz coming for you?

Watch 2 Chainz's new video for "Where You Been" featuring Cap 1.

Remember how they wore the same Versace pants to the VMAs?

Off to the second verse, 2 Chainz lets the burn build: "Gucci hat, Gucci belt/ If you wrote an autobiography you'd have to sue yourself/ You're lying." The chorus and parts of the second verse see the "Talk Dirty" rapper setting his sights on an old ex who, from the sounds of it, he hasn't hooked up with since before he blew up.

It's like they ran into each other, and the old flame's all, "OMG, 2 Chainz, it's been forever! What've you been up to??", and all that the "Give It 2 U" rapper can muster back is an incredulous "...I BEEN GETTIN' MONEY! WHERE THE F*** YOU BEEN?!" Oh, and he throws in an additional li'l passive-aggressive come-on ("Bought a new crib just to f*** you in") for good measure. #Cold

Following Cap 1's dizzying triple-time guest verse, the clip's setting shifts from the two rappers performing at home and in front of a group of friends to an actual outdoor performance. Whoever it is that 2 Chainz is calling it, they don't really stand a chance once the audience joins in on the "Where the f*** you been?" chorus.

+ Watch 2 Chainz's "Where You Been" video featuring Cap 1.

Photo credit: Def Jam/ GIF: barthel.tumblr