Star Spotting: Ay Dios Mio! It's Macklemore The Matador! (PHOTO)

Macklemore's a matador on the set of "White Walls."

There's really nothing better than Macklemore, the sharply dressed matador!

Can we talk about why more guys don't rock a matador suit on a daily basis? Like, check out Macklemore in a full-on traditional bullfighter's uniform. If you saw a guy channeling this much Antonio Banderas-level swag on the subway, wouldn't you charge at him in a blinding lust-filled rage? (FYI: Here's how to make this look a reality for your man. Also: You're welcome.)

We know that Mack generally pops tags off of more contemporary digs than what he's wearing in this Instagrammed photo, which was taken on the set of his new "White Walls" video (hence the caption, "White Walls.... #MackleJackson"). But maybe the rapper should put a pin in taking your grandpa's style and focus on copping your great-great-great grandpa's style for a little bit? Just a thought.

Oh, and s'more thoughts! If you don't mind, we're gonna pretend that Macklemore just slayed a vicious, scaly, fire-snorting beast, taxidermied its head to mount on his wall (much like his... er, "boo" Rebecca the ram), and then rolled up in some wheels (decked out with horns on the hood!) to invite us out for an afternoon of thrifting! He even offers to help us hunt down a matching matador outfit of our very own. #TrueLove

Photo credit: Macklemore's Instagram