Future Lives In The Best Mansion, Is A Cape-Wearing Piano Man In His 'Honest' Video (NSFW)

Future gest earnest in his "Honest" visuals.

Future decides that honesty's the best policy in his latest video.

We gotta give some mad props to Future. As you can see from the VERY FRAME-ABLE image above, pulled from his recently released "Honest" video, this bro isn't afraid to rock out on an all-white-everything piano while wearing an all-black-everything cape. #BOLD!

"Honest" is the first single off Future's forthcoming album of the same name, due Nov. 26. The video for "Honest" has Ciara's BF surrounded by fast cars, sick clothes, white mansions, gorgeous women, and even former Destiny's Child member LeToya Luckett! (Don't worry Ciara, it's all just make believe!)

Watch Future's "Honst" video after the jump.

In the Colin Tilley-directed clip, Future walks around a dreamy, lush mansion, which is flooded with -- duh -- swimsuit-clad ladies. As the clip goes on, an exceptionally well-dressed Future (seriously, where did he get that man cape?!) bounces around and plays piano as the hot chick parade waits on him/treats him like the Greek God he is.

Later, Future takes things out to the mansion's massive deck where, apparently, it's serenade o'clock! LeToya Luckett saunters out in a smokin' hot white floor-length gown, and Future sweetly sings to her, which, let's be "honest," will probably make the 20 billion other hot chicks in the house seethe with jealousy.

All in all, "Honest" is basically a visual montage of perfect mansions, perfect clothes, perfect whips, perfect, pristine pianos, and a perfect flirtation scene, all of which you'll probably never experience once in your life. Unless, of course, you marry a badass music producer so in touch with his masculine side that he's not afraid to rock a cape. And on that note: DOES FUTURE HAVE A BROTHER?

+ Watch Future's "Honest" video (NSFW).

Photo credit: Epic Records