WALLA Get Lite-Brite Animated In Their Hypnotic 'Crazy World' Video

Watch Walla's "Crazy World" video.

WALLA create an animated "Crazy World" in their new video.

It doesn't seem so long ago that we first gushed over Los Angeles synth-pop outfit WALLA, a band that literally came together from all different parts of the globe (Italy, Indonesia, Brazil, Korea, and Mexico/El Salvador, to be exact). But fortunately for us (and them), nothing WALLA produces gets lost in translation. The band just unleashed its second EP, Nature, in July, and, just this week, released the colorful new video for the EP's Billy Joel-circa-"We Didn't Start The Fire"-ish lead single, "Crazy World."

Watch WALLA's "Crazy World" video after the jump.

Featuring swirly, neon, Lite-Brite-ish animations by Rafaella Angelica Nepales, the video for "Crazy World" doesn't include a single band member from WALLA. But that's hardly a bad thing: What "Crazy World" does do, however, is pantomime the song's falsetto lyrics via brightly colored sketches where men turn into women, women turn into men, and everybody shape-shifts into a variety of pulsating patterns. It's all very hypnotic -- in fact, wait, what were we supposed to do today? Didn't we have some place to be? A to-do list to cross things off of? Have we been smoking some of Rihanna's "morning cigarettes"? Oh well. Go "Crazy" yourself below.

+ Watch WALLA's "Crazy World" video.

Photo credit: WALLA