Waxahatchee Does A #Dark Tap Dance In Her 'Misery Over Dispute' Video

Watch Waxahatchee's "Misery Over Dispute" video.

Waxahatchee dances away the blues in her "Misery Over Dispute" video.

When we first heard "Coast To Coast" from Waxahatchee, aka Katie Crutchfield, we frankly felt a little worried that maybe she might have cheered up. I mean, it doesn't take a genius to infer that Crutchfield's 2012 album, American Weekend, contains more feelings than a college freshman huddled in a tiny, #dark dorm room with The Smiths' Hatful Of Hollow on constant repeat.

Anyway. Crutchfield's new video for "Misery Over Dispute," from her recent Cerulean Salt album, has reassured us that things are officially back as they were. All is right in the world of #feelings.

Watch Waxahatchee's "Misery Over Dispute" video after the jump.

The stark, black-and-white, high-contrast clip -- filmed at an old firehouse in Birmingham, Ala. -- finds Crutchfield in close-up as she makes an indifferent expression into the camera (although a wry smile does sneak in from time to time).

"I left only enough to accept to know/ These smiles left suffer your eyes and turn/ Death with a dragging the timeline/ Choose misery over dispute," she sings over a crunching, simple guitar riff and minimal drums.

What better way to deal with either misery or disputes than by singing through them? Besides tap dancing, that is.

"I had the idea about a year ago to do a video with tap dancing," she explained to Pitchfork. "I danced for 14 years all throughout my childhood, and tap was always my favorite. I've wanted to incorporate it into what I do for a very long time so when the idea of doing a slow-motion video with tapping came to me, it felt like I was merging these two pockets of my life."

Merging two parts of your life is what the song is about as well, we think. Misery, dispute... The two often go hand in hand, but they always go down a lot better with a soundtrack like Crutchfield's.

Waxahatchee goes on tour starting this week on Friday in Cambridge (see you there!), and the next two nights in New York.

+ Watch Waxahatchee's "Misery Over" Dispute" video.

Photo credit: Don Giovanni Records / Wichita Recordings