Star Spotting: Beyonce And Jay Z Win At Life, Love, And Vacationing In Ibiza (PHOTOS)

Beyonce and Jay Z vacation in Spain and Italy.

Oh, NBD, it's just the cutest couple IN THE WHOLE DAMN WORLD.

For those of you who didn't die due to "OMFG Justin Timberlake is the hottest lumberjack in the world"-related complications yesterday, we're pretty sure that today will sadly end you. Why? Check out these photos that Beyoncé posted on her Tumblr featuring the "Grown Woman" singer and her man4lyfe Jay Z looking like two exceptionally well-dressed "Crazy In Love"-birds on vacation in Ibiza!

Yep, the same Ibiza that was home to this insane photo of Bey carrying Blue Ivy while walking in sky-high stilettos. IBIZA WINS ALL THE PHOTOS!!!!

See more photos of Beyoncé and Jay Z's vacation after the jump.

Beyonce and Jay Z look adorable in Ibiza.

We call this one: "Lovers at sea."

Really, though, this is far from the first adorable vacation photo of Beyoncé and Jay that we've ever seen. Remember when Jay and Bey had lunch in Paris with baby Blue Ivy like normal people, or that time when Bey sat on Jay's lap as she sipped wine -- and basically every damn photo in this gallery?!

Beyonce looks all babely in Ibiza.


That said, there's just something about the playful nature of these photos that's really hitting us! Hmmm, or maybe we're just distracted by Bey's legs in those PERFECTLY FITTED Daisy Dukes. Either way, we can definitely say that it's time for us to reorder our all-green juice cleanse, and revamp our OKCupid dating profiles IMMEDIATELY.

Photo credit: Beyoncé's Tumblr

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