Hayley Williams Trades In Pop Punk For EDM On Zedd's 'Stay The Night'

Listen to Zedd's "Stay The Night" featuring Hayley Williams.

Paramore's Hayley Williams is the star vocalist on Zedd's latest club anthem, "Stay The Night."

Honesty alert: We might not have originally picked Paramore frontwoman Hayley Williams to back a Zedd track. I mean, Zedd's all about pulsing synths, EDM drrrrrrOPS, and thumping, mirrorballing, seizure-inducing strobe-lit club environs! And Hayley? Up until now, we could only see her hair flipping and high-kicking her way down a Warped Tour stage while wailing out words to "Now."

But that just goes to show how much we didn't know about Hayley's genre range. Because this girl is OWNING her vocals on Zedd's latest house hit, "Stay The Night."

Listen to Zedd's "Stay The Night" featuring Hayley Williams after the jump.

The follow-up to Zedd's Foxes-assisted smash, "Clarity," "Stay The Night" showcases Williams' booming powerhouse vocals as she sings about a potential hookup: "Are you gonna stay the night?/ Doesn't mean we're bound for life/ Oh oh oh, are you gonna stay the night?" (I mean, it doesn't take a genius to close-read those lyrics. We know a mating call when we hear one!)

Later, "Stay The Night" -- which is slated to be the lead single on a forthcoming repackage of the MTV Artist To Watch's debut album, Clarity -- proves its house chops by dropping into a barrage of electronics, towering synth, and even a little bit of, as he explained in a recent MTV news interview, "rock and classical influences."

Sooo, now for the question that's on everyone's mind: Will "Stay The Night" top "Clarity"? Are we gonna hear it in every sushi restaurant, gas station, and corner store? Well, personally I can't think of a better soundtrack to my next Ben & Jerry's purchase. ...Which I plan to do RIGHT before hitting my bed the club.

+ Listen to Zedd's "Stay The Night" featuring Hayley Williams.

Photo credit: Wave Music