The Wanted Sing Their Pretty British Hearts Out On 'Show Me Love'

The Wanted get orchestral on their new record "Show Me Love."

The Wanted say "Show Me Love." We say "HOW HIGH?"

You want the good news or the bad news first? Oh, the bad news? So you can rip it off like a Band-Aid and/or an agonizing leg wax? No prob: The Wanted's forthcoming album, Word Of Mouth, has been delayed until Nov. 4. #SADZ. But there's a consolation prize! To soften the blow, the lovely British lads have unveiled their album cover art (above) AND their latest single, "Show Me Love." (Unfortunately it's not a throwback Robyn cover, but you and I both know that sooner or later the internet MUST provide an epic The Wanted/Robyn "Show Me Love" mashup. #HINT.)

Listen to The Wanted's "Show Me Love" after the jump.

Set to a dreamy, orchestral track (as opposed to the lads' kitschier "Walks Like Rihanna"), the Nathan Sykes-cowritten "Show Me Love" features a far more mature/"in touch with their feminine sides" vibe. Amid a sea of plucky strings and sweeping synths, the boys take turns crooning about a relationship that's crumbling to pieces: "Remember that night underneath the stars/ For a minute I thought the world was ours/ All you had to do was show me love."

On their new single, Sykes revealed to MTV News: "It really means a lot to me 'cause it kind of goes into how hard it is to hold a relationship when you're in this business, traveling the world and stuff like that." We TOTALLY get that, bb, but then again, there's got to be ONE extra seat on your private jet, no? Not even the flight attendant's jump seat? We're sure we your girlfriends would be more than happy to tag along!

+ Listen to The Wanted's "Show Me Love."

Photo credit: Island UK