Star Spotting: Iggy Azalea Knows Her NYFW Priorities! Hang Out With Famous Models, Look Like A Famous Model + EAT ALL THE CAKE! (PHOTOS)

Iggy Azalea has her cake AND eats it too with Joan Smalls and Karlie Kloss at NYFW.

Iggy Azalea has her cake and eats it (with her hands), too!

Try to imagine what Iggy Azalea's life is like. Are you envisioning high-fashion after-parties filled with straight-up supermodels and unlimited delicious cake by the handful? Well... Your guesses were eerily accurate! The "Change Your Life" rapper literally did all those things at DKNY's 25th birthday party during New York Fashion Week, meaning our jealousy meters are reading off the CHARTS! #science

Check out more photos of Iggy's supermodel cake fest after the jump.

Iggy Azalea has her cake and noms it too at NYFW.

See? Even a supermodels like Karlie Kloss and Joan Smalls aren't immune to the diabolical allure of CAKE.

According to Iggy's Instagram, the rapper, who was on hand to perform at the DKNY event, kicked it with supermodels Karlie Kloss and Joan Smalls while scarfing down seemingly endless sheet cake with her hands. (We repeat: HER HANNNNNNNDS!) Moral of the story? Forks and portion control are for chumps.

Rita Ora joined Iggy Azealia at the DKNY cake!

Yo, Rita! You, uh... might wanna grab faster.

Much like Iggy's fellow performer for the night, Rita Ora, above, we're absolutely LIVING for this moment. Never again shall we feel guilty about our weekly Friday night ritual involving a box of Duncan Hines. (#truestory) We may not be surrounded by supermodels when we do it, but whateva -- we think our cats are very glamorous.

Iggy Azalea BEFORE she demolished that DKNY cake.

Here's the cab-shaped cake in its uneaten glory. And Emmy Rossum! Hope she didn't get nommed along with it!

Iggy Azalea, for once again championing our shared love of unabashed displays of cake-based public affection -- see her red velvet "me time" at the VMAs or her cutesy cupcake photo opp -- we salute you! P.S., PLZ CALL US NEXT TIME YOU GOT CAKE.

Photo credit: Iggy Azalea's Instagram