Justin Timberlake's New York Times Style Magazine Cover Is The Perfect Hybrid Of Woodsy Lumberjack And Professional Pop Star (PHOTO)

Justin Timberlake's New York Times Magazine cover is literally perfect.

Just try and tell us that Justin Timberlake isn't turning you on here. WE WON'T BELIEVE YOU.

Are you alive? We're assuming not, because who knew Justin Timberlake could look THIS AMAZING with a perfectly coiffed patch of facial hair? And sure, we all know that BEARD is always > NO BEARD, but the VMA Video Vanguard Winner posing as a perfect mix between "woodsy lumberjack"  and "professional pop star" on the cover of the New York Times Style Magazine has taken this crucial theorem to brand-new heights!

While there's no info yet on the "Take Back The Night" singer's accompanying interview, the real question is this: Would we even be able to process words while in the midst of a 24/7 "looking at scruffy Justin Timberlake" fest? I THINK NOT. That said, we ARE wondering if inside the issue JT sheds any light on a) *NSYNC reuniting at the VMAs, or b) his forthcoming The 20/20 Experience  - Part 2 of 2, dropping Sept. 30. Or maybe the journalist interviewing JT was so overwhelmed by his immaculate goatee that the two just sat there in silence, presumably with the mutual understanding that no words exist in the English dictionary that could capture this magic moment.

Photo credit: New York Times Magazine