Austin Mahone Puts His New Driver's License To Use, And Also His Pop Star Dollars (PHOTO)

Austin Mahone poses in front of his brand-new car.

What? You thought Austin Mahone was going to drive a Ford Focus? HA.

We're starting to think that Austin Mahone is living the life that Katy Perry sings about in "Teenage Dream." I mean, think about it: The guy has EVERYTHING -- talent, awards, fame, flawless bed head, A-lister friends, and, oh, a LAMBORGHINI.

Now, before you get all up in arms with car jealousy, let's consider the facts. Remember when you got your driver's license and went right out and got a gazillion dollar sports car?!? No? Us either. That's probably because none of us are running the world like the "What About Love" singer! And this doesn't even include that sweet Land Rover he got last year (PRE-driver's license, we might add)!

Posting a photo of his shiny new whip to Instagram, Austin captioned, "Bull Riding," because obviously this car (and its driver) is a sexy beast. CLEARLY the guy has excellent taste in cars annnd has the pop star dollars to spend on them. (Now, excuse me while I scrape together some change to buy my bus pass.)

Anyway, we just want to reiterate that we aren't jealous one bit. Actually, we're even willing to pose like a hot rod babe on the hood wash, wax, and detail Austin's car without asking for even a little bit of payment! OK, that's a total lie: We AT LEAST want a ride in that car. I call SHOTGUN!

Photo credit: Austin Mahone's Instagram