Miguel Sings About Watching 'The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air' Reruns In 'Can't Sleep Together'

Miguel is restless in "Cant't Sleep Together"

Miguel is an insomniac in his new jam, "Can't Sleep Together."

In case you couldn't tell from our "Adorn" iPhone ringback tone, our obsession with R&B crooner Miguel runs DEEP. And while he's been on his collaboration tip as of late, hitting the vocal booth for Janelle Monáe's "Primetime,"  Mariah Carey's "#Beautiful," and Talib Kweli's "Come Here," the "King Of Croon" (as we so fondly refer to him) is back with a new solo single, "Can't Sleep Together."

Listen to Miguel's "Can't Sleep Together" after the jump.

Part of Adult Swim's 2013 Singles Program, the appropriately named "Can't Sleep Together" features Miguel singing about a situation we've all been in: Insomnia. And dealing with it by watching late-night "The Fresh Prince Of Bel Air" reruns. (Way more fun than counting sheep, FYI.)

Then, of course, Miguel proposes a solution: "I can't sleep/ You can't sleep/ Let's can't sleep together." SNEAKY! I'd love to "can't sleep" with Miguel, as opposed to, say, cuddling up against my Laura Ashley comforter while watching "House Hunters: International."

+ Listen to Miguel's "Can't Sleep Together."

Photo credit: RCA Records/Adult Swim