Eminem Parties With Kid Rock, Kendrick Lamar, And Rick Rubin In His Throwback-Heavy 'Berzerk' Video (NSFW)

Eminem and Rick Rubin have a moment in Em's "Bezerk" video.

Eminem invites Rick Rubin to party in front of a giant stereo in his "Berzerk" video.

Pardon the lame pun, but you'd better prepare to go berserk over Eminem's brand-new "Berzerk" video. The first single from Slim Shady's hotly anticipated The Marshall Mathers LP 2 (out Nov. 5), "Bezerk" is a straight-up visual homage to vintage hip-hop, and features Eminem chilling with celeb pals Kendrick Lamar, super-producer Rick Rubin, and even Kid Rock (?!) as they "dance" in front of a giant old-school radio -- which we'd love to use as a coffee table. When they're done using it, of course.

Watch Eminem's "Bezerk" video after the jump.

Shot using a hazy, DIY filter (anyone else thinking Beastie Boys?), "Berzerk" is basically a compilation of Eminem doing what he does best: not giving a f***, and giving even less effs about not giving any effs!

And did we mention all this zero-eff-giving happens as Em is flanked by celeb pals? After Em chills with Rick Rubin in front of the aforementioned giant stereo, he hits the streets with Kid Rock ('sup, "Bawitdaba"!) and even hangs with longtime bud Royce Da 5'9 and the members of Slaughterhouse.

Essentially, "Bezerk" is one of those videos where absolutely nothing goes on, but also, like, EVERYTHING goes on. Either way, welcome back, Em! It's about damn time.

+ Watch Eminem's "Berzerk" video (NSFW).

Photo credit: Interscope