Lady Gaga's 'Wizard Of Oz'-Themed 'Applause' Performance: Wigs, Ruby Booties, And More Wigs (VIDEO)

Lady Gaga serves up some "Wizard Of Oz" realness on Good Morning America.

There's no place like Lady Gaga's Oz-themed "GMA" performance.

Oh, my, we just had the strangest dream. (And you were there! And you were there!) We thought we were lost in the Land of Oz, following Lady Gaga as she traversed the yellow brick road, defeated the Wicked Witch of the West, and looked like a total ruby-slippered babe while doing it.

Oh, wait, THAT HAPPENED! Mother Monster brought Dorothy and friends to life on "Good Morning America" earlier today with a live performance of "Applause" that put the H.A.M. in "gingham." Like, it was the L. Frank BOMB. End of wordplay! On to the video!

Watch Lady Gaga perform "Applause" on "Good Morning America" after the jump.

Gaga opens by serenading her very own Toto, Scarecrow, Tinman, and Cowardly Lion with an excerpt from "Somewhere Over The Rainbow," before soon shifting over to "Applause"'s pulsing synth. Mother Monster goes all out to re-create the classic film's narrative, transforming herself from Dorothy to Glinda, donning some ruby high-heeled booties and a billion character wigs, and even turning her Little Monsters in the audience into a living, breathing field of poppies! If anyone can watch this clip and somehow not appreciate its flawlessness, we have one thing to say: "You have no power here! Begone!"

+ Watch Lady Gaga perform "Applause" on "Good Morning America."

Photo credit: ABC