They Might Be Giants Anthropomorphize Cooking Ingredients Their 'You're On Fire' Video

Watch They Might Be Giants' "You're On Fire" video.

They Might Be Giants sing through a slab of meat in their "You're On Fire" video.

We're not sure if this dreadfully fun and funny clip for They Might Be Giants' "You're On Fire" is supposed to make us hungry or grossed out, but it's actually doing a little bit of both. The song from the veteran Brooklyn alt-rockers (seriously, they've been at it for 31 years!) comes from their 16th LP, Nanobots, whose title may explain how all of the food in the video comes to life.

Watch They Might Be Giants' "You're On Fire" video after the jump.

The song, a jaunty, wiry guitar-pop blast, is equal parts arch and unblinkingly sincere, and appears to be about, well, someone with hair dyed so red it looks like it's on fire. Pretty straightforward stuff, right? "You're on fire, I won't lie," they sing, or rather, a plate of ground hamburger sings. "Combustible hair," chimes in the chorus from the side dishes.

The video, directed by Hoku Uchiyama and Adam Bolt, finds "Orange Is The New Black"'s Lauren Lapkus preparing a romantic dinner for two, a process that quickly takes a turn for the weird. Sentient beef comes to life when she turns her back, broccoli plays carrot stick guitars, and carrots play broccoli horns. It's almost enough to make us think twice before cooking dinner! (Almost, but not quite.) Mostly, it just makes us want to dance around the kitchen. Just need to make sure we turn down the heat on the stove first -- wouldn't want our hair to catch fire.

+ Watch They Might Be Giants' "You're On Fire" video.

Photo credit: Idlewild Recordings