Star Spotting: Austin Mahone FINALLY Got His Driver's License! We Knew You Could Do It, BB!!!! (PHOTO)

Austin Mahone's got his driver's license!

Watch out, road, 'cause Austin's taking the wheel!

Considering that Austin Mahone's already got a buff bod, a private jet, that Artist to Watch Moonman, and some insanely beautiful bed head, what more could the super-famous heartthrob possibly want?? His driver's license, obvs! Well, yesterday Austin announced that he'd FINALLY passed his driver's test, posting a photo of himself holding his license to Instagram with the caption, "STREET LEGAL."

We say "finally" because, according to the "What About Love" singer's Twitter feed, our li'l guy didn't have much luck on his first day of test-taking (i.e. he failed twice in one day). We've all been there -- parallel parking's suuuuuper hard! Besides, Austin has been a little too busy being a world-famous pop star to make stuff like school zone speed limits a priority. (JK, you should really know those things!)

We're so psyched that Austin passed, but we're also happy that he can now get some use out of that car he purchased over a year ago. For example, he could pick us up for our first date in those wheels, hit up a drive-thru, and then ride off into the sunset forever and ever with our milkshakes -- ya know, without his mom doing the actual driving.

Photo credit: Austin Mahone's Instagram