Star Spotting: Selena Gomez Greets Her Belgian Selenators With A Friendly "Hay, Girl, Hay!" (PHOTOS)

Selena Gomez says "Hi" to her Belgian Selenators

Selena says "Hayyyy" to her Belgian Selenators!

We can't think of anything worse for a hardcore Selenator than to be so close to your queen, Selena Gomez, that you can literally smell touch her shiny black hair, yet so far thanks to a wire fence that prevents you from ACTUALLY HUGGING HER. It's like the ultimate pop star torture chamber -- only with Instagram access!

Check out more photos of Selena posing with her Belgian Selenators after the jump.

While on the Antwerp stop of her Stars Dance Tour, the  "Getaway" actress got up close and personal with some stans waiting for her after the show. Naturally, Selena was more than accommodating to the throngs of hysterical chicks waiting to get a glimpse of her flawless face/ toned abs, and even went so far as to capture the moment on Instagram.(She's so good to her fans! Remember NYC? Gah!)

Selena Gomez poses with fans in Antwerp!

There's nothing wrong with a little Slayena selfie action.

P.S., Belgium! If you see yourself, TAG YOURSELF! This is definitely NOT the time to be bashful about pressing your face up against a cold, metal fence at the risk of semi-permanent facial grill marks just to get a picture with one of the most painfully attractive women on the planet. With time, those waffle-y imprints will fade, but the feeling of being within inches of Selena is FOREVER! So, like, you're the #RealHeroes.

Photo credit: Selena Gomez's Instagram