Emeli Sande Brings The #SADZ In The U.S. Version Of Her 'My Kind Of Love' Video (NSFW)

Emeli Sande sings in the rain in the US version of her "My Kind Of Love" video.

Emeli Sandé sings in the rain in the updated version of her "My Kind Of Love" video.

When it first dropped in the U.K., Emeli Sande's poignant power ballad "My Kind Of Love" got an equally emotional music video. Now, courtesy of the slightly sonically altered "My Kind Of Love (RedOne and Alex P Remix)," the latest single off the Summerstage performer's Our Version of Events has an entirely new set of visuals.

As you might've inferred from the above image of Emeli doing the Mariah Carey "diva hands" while singing in the rain, the video is STRAIGHT #emo. Like, there's a even scene with a sick horse à la Rihanna's "Diamonds" video, and it makes us VERY, VERY sad. #HappyFriday

Watch Emeli Sande's updated "My Kind Of Love" video after the jump.

In Emeli's updated "My Kind Of Love" video, we meet a crew of bad guys who, instead of shooting guns with real bullets, shoot with their words. Unlike that old saying "Sticks and stones can break my bones but words will never hurt me," these "word bullets" (i.e. pieces of shrapnel with words like "d***" and "freak" printed on them) have the power to both physically and emotionally wound.

Cut to a scene of a dying horse (ugh, must there ALWAYS be a dying horse? We're in a straight "Bambi" teary blackout over here), and we're literally not sure if we have the will to carry on/the courage to make it to our afternoon Pilates sesh.

Later, just as it starts spontaneously raining on Emeli (because that's what happens to pop stars when they're sad), the sick horse rallies and begins galloping around a track proudly! Moral of the story? Words CAN intensely wound, so think before you speak, bbs. #PuhhREACH!

+ Watch Emeli Sande's updated "My Kind Of Love" video (NSFW)

Photo credit: Capitol Records