Star Spotting: Ariana Grande Is A Real-Life Version Of Belle From 'Beauty And The Beast'! (PHOTO)

Ariana Grande is a legit Disney princess. Like, Belle from "Beauty And The Beast"!

 Ariana Grande is totally Belle from "Beauty and the Beast." RIGHT!?

Look, we're not saying that Ariana Grande is an IRL version of Belle from "Beauty and the Beast," but we're also not putting it past Disney to cook something like that up. Because THOSE PEOPLE MAKE MAGIC. J/K! "The Way" singer has totally always been human, but we also know we're not crazy -- the resemblance is ridiculous!

Don't you see it? OK, let's dissect this photo of Ariana attending the ball with a beast 10th annual Style Awards. For one thing, Belle is brunette and looks sooooo flawless in flowy dresses. AND so does Ariana! Oh, and don't forget that Belle can belt out a tune like NBD. Funny, SO CAN ARIANA! And even if we're totally off and Ariana has never been a cartoon a day in her life, she should at least play Belle in something... like maybe in "Once Upon A Time"! Or maybe stir the drama pot opposite Kristen Wiig in "Disney Housewives"?! YES.

Anyway, the only thing that really throws a wrench into this whole brilliant theory is that cartoon Belle is BFFs with talking candlesticks and clocks, and Ariana actually has human friends... like Mac Miller and The Wanted's Nathan Sykes. WAAAAIT. Does anyone kinda think that Mac looks like the human version of Cogsworth?!? And that Nathan kinda resembles Lumiere?! WE ARE SO ON TO YOU, ARIANA.

Photo credit: WENN/Disney