FIDLAR Are Just A Bunch Of Teenage Dirtbags In Their 'Awkward' Live Video (NSFW)

Watch FIDLAR's "Awkward" video.

Aw, FIDLAR were punk rock babies!

A FIDLAR performance always delivers the four S's of punk rock shows: snot, sweat, shout-alongs, and stage-dives. In the band's new video for "Awkward," they bring the blink-182-worthy track to the Oxford Art Factory in Sydney, Australia (more proof Cali punk runs the world). The professionally shot video captures the performance in glorious slo-mo, getting every fist-pump, power chord, and leap into the crowd.

Watch FIDLAR's "Awkward" live video after the jump.

FIDLAR's still-fresh self-titled debut has been out since January, but "Awkward" is a newer song -- a summer jam from their split release with tour mates The Orwells. And they're taking the song title seriously: The single art seems to be the dudes' middle-school yearbook pictures. Braces!

"Awkward" itself has more quiet/loud segues than the average ramming-speed FIDLAR song. That's a good thing, as it turns out, because this way the relatable lyrics take center stage: "I gotta fever just to see her/ feelin' like a stalker/ and didn't know I'm really good at making you feel awkward." Maybe it's because you're going too hard, bros: "I'm at a party and I'm barfin'/ I can barely see." Must be all that international plane travel. Get some rest, guys!

+ Watch FIDLAR's "Awkward" live video (NSFW).

Photo credit: Mom + Pop Records