Ariana Grande Skips, Strolls, And Hair-Flips Through A Summery Block Party In Her 'Baby I' Video Teaser

Watch Ariana Grande's "Baby I" teaser

Ariana Grande is the life of this block party in her "Baby I" video teaser.

Ummmm, if you haven't tuned in to Ariana Grande's rapid rise to fame yet, then it's time you paid attention, like, RIGHT NOW. Crawl out from under that rock you've been hibernating under, press "power" on ye' olde laptop, hit "play" on Ariana's recently released Yours Truly disc, and prepare to get schooled!

After bowling us over with an epic VMA pre-show performance and being total BFFs with Mac Miller on the "Today" show, the "Piano" singer is on to new things, like, for example, getting ready to release the new video for her summery "Baby I" jam. But before we can actually, you know, WATCH the video, let's get this (block) party started with a 28-second teaser!

Watch Ariana Grande's "Baby I" video teaser after the jump.

Though it's crazy short (ugh, teasers) Ariana's "Baby I" snippet does reveal a few vital details: Dressed in a white crop top and high-waisted jean shorts, Ariana is totally pulling off some kind of Mariah Carey/"Heartbreaker" outfit motif. (Which, admittedly, does NOT hurt that whole "she's the new Mariah!!" comparison.)

As she skips around a super fun-looking block party (which kinda resembles Spike Lee's Brooklyn-based "Do The Right Thing" set), Ariana wails out the words to "Baby I," tosses her hair, dances it out, and just generally looks the very picture of adorable, angelic, and every other "awww"-worthy adjective you can think of.

In conclusion? If this teaser's any indication of the full video's appeal, then you'd better brace yourselves for an all-day Ariana gush session. BECAUSE IT'S COMING.

+ Watch Ariana Grande's "Baby I" video teaser.

Photo credit: Republic Records