Can Our Weekend Please Look Like HeeJun + Pusha T's 'Bring The Love Back' Video?!

Check out HeeJun's new video for "Bring The Love Back" featuring Pusha T.

Check out HeeJun's new video featuring Push T.

HeeJun kicks off his video for "Bring The Love Back" like it's a laid-back anthem à la Icona Pop's "All Night" or fun.'s "Some Nights" -- ya know, tight harmonies, group chanting, all-together-now clapping, morale-boosting jazz, etc. But with his "BRING THAT LOVE BACK" dubstep breakdown, the "American Idol" season 11 alum flips everything you thought you knew about him on its head. You should probably grab a pillow for those preconceived notions -- they're gonna need it.

Watch HeeJun's "Bring The Love Back" video featuring Pusha T after the jump.

After driving by a pretty girl behind the wheel of another car and dropping some seriously flirty "c'moooooon" eyes, HeeJun and his newfound lady friend hit up a middle-of-nowhere house party that's possibly even crazier than the one depicted in Lady Gaga's "Just Dance."

Then, after showing a near run-in with the cops, the Sylvain White-directed clip cuts to the rager's new home base: a late-night burger joint with an abandoned, drained pool next to it. (I, like, #DontGet small towns.) Rapper Pusha T meets up with HeeJun and crew, and the party continues.

When interviewed about his post-"Idol" plans back in 2012, HeeJun told MTV News that "I'm just going to be me, that's all." We've gotta say that we are loving his new "me." Evolving way past his "quirky guy from Queens" image, we're proud to say that to us, HeeJun Han is now the "quirky guy from Queens who can throw a killer party, and we REALLY wanna hang out with him." So basically, dude, this post is a long, meandering way of asking you what your plans are for tomorrow night... WELL??

+ Watch HeeJun's "Bring The Love Back" video featuring Pusha T.

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