Giggs + Mark Ronson Team Up For The Epic, 9-Minute-Long '(Is It Gangsta) Yes Yes Yes' Video (NSFW)

Watch Gigg's new video for "(Is It Gangsta) Yes Yes Yes" featuring Mark Ronson.

Giggs gets in trouble with the law in his short film for "(Is It Gangsta) Yes Yes Yes."

It's been a little while since we've heard from South London's Giggs -- no joke, his last album, Let Em Ave It, dropped in 2010! That's like, three Rihanna records ago!! But now, the bass-heavy, endearingly monotone rapper is back with some Mark Ronson-produced fire by way of his new single, "(Is It Gangsta) Yes Yes Yes," the lead track off of his sophomore effort, When Will It Stop.

Oh, and just in case it wasn't clear, "(Is It Gangsta) Yes Yes Yes" has BY FAR the best song title of 2013. FAR FAR FAR.

Watch Giggs' "(Is It Gangsta?) Yes Yes Yes" video featuring Mark Ronson after the jump.

Even though we rarely need more than a retro-tinged Mark Ronson production to get super into anything, Giggs has gone above and beyond, creating a whopping 9-MINUTE short film to accompany his new track. The finished product feels like an epic combination of "Magic City" and "Mad Men" -- with some "Scarface" thrown in for good measure. We like.

In the Reg Traviss-directed music video/ film, Giggs plays an aspiring rapper who is late to an important show after running up some card game debt. (No worries, though! Mark Ronson fills in while the audience waits!) Just in the nick of time, Giggs arrives at the performance, slays it, and is eventually pursued by several record execs.

Flash back to the card game story line, and we see shots of Giggs trying to escape the police! Unfortunately, the law catches up with him, and, just as the video closes, our man is beckoned to a car that apparently has something sinister hidden in the trunk. (Dead body? A "Fifty Shades Of Grey" casting announcement with Danny DeVito and Rhea Perlman's names listed on it? WHAT?!)

Of course, the clip comes to a close before we see what kind of badassery Giggs is hiding in the back of his whip, so expect a "Part 2" in the not-too-distant future. Way to make us need our Tums before noon, man!

Watch Giggs' "(Is It Gangsta) Yes Yes Yes" video featuring Mark Ronson.

Photo credit: XL Recordings