Katy Perry Is A Literal 'Teenage Dream'-er In This #tbt Photo from 2002

Check out this Katy Perry/ Katy Hudson Throwback Thursday photo!

Katy Perry? Is that really you?!

Before swinging on vines all Jane of the Jungle-style in her "Roar" video teaser, helping us all feel less like a plastic bag in "Firework," and even chasing down cold-footed fiancés in "Hot N Cold," Katy Perry was, well, Katy Hudson! Back in April of 2002, the fresh-faced 17-year-old was just a year out from releasing her self-titled Christian rock debut, but we're wondering if this West Hollywood portrait sesh may have marked a stylistic turning point for the singer? Dying her hair black, maybe playing some late-night rounds of strip-Candyland? Needless to say, our minds are racing.

TBH, though, we're not exactly sure why Katy changed her stage name from Hudson to Perry. The latter's definitely got a little more rock 'n' roll punch to it (Joe Perry, hello), but it's not like her last name was Von Vomitronksen or something. (True story: The Jonas Brothers started out playing south Jersey county fairs as "The Frumpleton Brothers." Another true story: None of that was true. Also, "Katy Hudson" could easily be confused for "Kate Hudson." So there ya go.)

Anyway, it's, like, crazy to see the Hudson-to-Perry transformation like this -- what an insane difference 11 years can make! The young woman up top looks like she's barely able to mew, and now Katy's roar commands our attention every time she picks up the mic. Anybody else hearing Vitamin C's nostalgic tearjerker, "Graduation (Friends Forever)" RN?? Because, um... we definitely are. #AsWeGoOn #WeRemember #AllTheTimesWe #CriedAllTheTearsOfJoy

Photo credit: Getty Images