Bebe Rexha's 'Comeback Kids' Video: Move Over, Jay Z -- Bebe Owns Brooklyn Now! (NSFW)

Bebe Rexha rocks out in Brooklyn in her "Comeback Kids" video.

Sorry, Jay Z! Bebe Rexha owns Brooklyn now! 

All we're gonna say is, don't sleep on Bebe Rexha. Kay, obviously we're lying -- we're definitely gonna say more about this Staten Island 23-year-old, since, well, LOOK AT THAT BONE STRUCTURE. But aside from having model-esque cheekbones, Bebe's already making waves in the music biz -- she's written songs for massive stars like Selena Gomez ("Champion") and Nikki Williams ("Glowing"), and word on the street is that Bebe will be featured on an as-of-yet-untitled track on Eminem's forthcoming disc!

Now, after stepping down as vocalist in Pete Wentz's Black Cards, Bebe has just released her very first solo single and video, "Comeback Kids." And after watching said video, all we can say is, move OVER, Jay Z. Brooklyn has a new monarch!

Watch Bebe Rexha's "Comeback Kids" video after the jump.

Set in Brooklyn, "Comeback Kids" features Bebe casually chillaxing on the roof of a yellow cab (that she no doubt commandeered with a few bats of her eyelashes). Aaaaand off she goes! Bebe's cavorting around NYC, enjoying an ice cream cone, and just generally owning her mega-colorful style.

Later on, in between air-kisses and some expert eyeliner application, Bebe continues to jet around the city, where she gives off a whole bunch of tough-gal "IDGAF"-vibes that frankly remind us a little of Neon Hitch, a little of Ke$ha, and a lot of a soon-to-be monstrous pop hit. Watch out for this one, kids!

+ Watch Bebe Rexha's "Comeback Kids" video (NSFW).

Photo credit: Bebe Rexha

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