Celebrate Beyonce’s 32nd Birthday With These Questionable Bey-Day Cakes! (PHOTOS)

Um, that’s Bey’s “End Of Time” at Glastonbury look. Why’s she doing “Single Ladies” choreography?!

First, let’s all take a moment to #BowDown our heads. Next, let’s wish Beyoncé the happiest 32nd birthday evaaaa!!! On this day, how about we give Bey the greatest gift of all, and stop complaining.

Until the clock strikes midnight, we shall neither plead for any new album tidbits, nor beg for final cuts of “Standing On The Sun” and “Grown Woman.” We know that’s quite a tall order, so why not distract that critical eye by focusing it on these Bey-day tribute cakes?

We commend you on using actual Bey photography. But forgetting the accent aigu? UNFORGIVABLE.

Oh, so now Beyoncé doesn’t have an auditory canal? NEXT.

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All this white frosting… why is it not, like, off-white?

That’s funny, we don’t remember Bey’s seminal 2005 album, “Loose Bag Of Gummy Bears.”

Beyoncé doesn’t copy Angelina. Angelina copies Beyoncé. FACT.

Bey’s fondant line would NEVER look that sloppy. Also? TUSKS.

Now this? We like. HBD, Bey!

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