Jessie J Goes Back To Basics On 'Square One'

Jessie J goes back to basics on "Square One"

Jessie J gets emotional on "Square One."

Ever since we heard Jessie J's acoustic version of "Do It Like A Dude," we've been obsessed her impeccable melisma. Fine, maybe it was actually that DIY YouTube clip of her belting out a then-unknown "Big White Room," but who's counting?

Flash forward a few years, and the U.K. vocal powerhouse is now a bona fide superstar, which means she can do all kinds of annoying celebrity things like make us wait VERY PATIENTLY for her new disc, Alive, to drop. And even though Alive won't be out until Sept. 23, Jessie has kept us nicely distracted with songs like "WILD," the rowdy "It's My Party," and her collabo with Becky G, "Excuse My Rude." Now Jessie's slowing things down to sing about topics a little closer to the heart in her latest Alive gem, "Square One."

Listen to Jessie J's "Square One" after the jump.

Produced by TMS (Emeli Sande), "Square One" finds Jessie using her lush pipes to sing about a past love that's headed for rocky territory. As rich, sweeping synths surge in the background, Jessie laments: "I don’t wanna hold hands with a stranger/ I don’t wanna walk when I just learned how to run/ I don't wanna care/ 'Cause it's human nature/ I don't wanna go back to square one."

Yep, "Square One" is definitely one of the heavier tracks on Alive, but then again, I think we both know that Jessie's powerful voice was straight-up put on this earth to sing sad, cry-in-the-shower love songs. Love songs that incidentally make us tear up and wish we'd put on waterproof mascara this morning. What's a girl gotta to do to keep from crying black, mascara-colored tears all the time, huh?!

+ Listen to Jessie J's "Square One."

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