Star Spotting: Joe Jonas + His Girlfriend Are Still Going Strong, So Obviously Those Voodoo Spells Didn't Work (PHOTO)

Joe Jonas and girlfriend Blanda Eggenschwiler take a stroll around NYC.

Joe and Blanda are perfect together. THE END.

Sorry, everybody, but Joe Jonas and his girlfriend, Blanda Eggenschwiler, are still going strong. We are SO happy for them, obviously, because love is beautiful -- especially when it happens to people as GORG as Joe and his boo! Now dig deep, y'all, and give 'em all the "awwwwwws" you can muster! And while you're doing that, we're going to be over hear crying tears... of joy! Yeah, that's it, joy. #DontCryOutLoud

The middle Jonas Brother was photographed with his girlfriend while shopping in NYC, although, by the conspicuous lack of shopping bags, we'd guess that the real purpose of the stroll was just to be all cute and stuff together in public. We get that the two wanna spend as much time together as possible before Joe and his bros go on tour with Bonnie McKee, but don't they know that making us see them in public is just a cruel reminder of what we can't have?

It's bad enough that we will NEVER possess the flawless bone structure found on the "First Time" singer and his GF's faces, but begrudgingly accepting that we're losing one more shot at joining the Jonas family?! It's almost to much to bear. With Joe nearly out of reach and Kevin definitively out of the running, we're coming for you and your shirtless bod, Nick. Get ready.

Photo credit: Splash News