Christina Aguilera Lands Maxim's October Cover, Declares 'Let There Be Lust!' (PHOTOS)

Christina Aguilera is Maxim's October issue cover girl!

We hereby nominate Christina Aguilera to pose on every magazine cover from now until the end of time.

While we're not exactly Maxim's target demo, the fact that Christina Aguilera will grace the October issue's cover may just see us slipping the men's mag between our next purchases of Tiger Beat and X-Teen-a Vogue. (That's when we collage Christina's face onto anything resembling a human being in the pages of Teen Vogue. SHUT UP.)

In the accompanying interview, the "Let There Be Love" singer discusses her flawless ways: "Trying too hard to be sexy is the worst thing you can do. Sexiness should be effortless." Although the "Voice" coach also added that she is "comfortable in just a jersey and boy's underwear," Aguilera instead opted to pose in sexy lingerie and super-high heels. Why? Because there's nothing wrong with asserting a li'l diva dominance. #BowDown

Check out more photos from Christina Aguilera's Maxim spread after the jump.

Christina Aguilera is Maxim's October issue cover girl!

Anyone else hear the "SAY!" breakdown of "Your Body" angelically echoing?

Christina Aguilera lands the October cover of Maxim!

"I don't do windows; I just pose on them."

Christina Aguilera graces the cover of Maxim's October issue!

"Keeps Getting Better," indeed. Brava, Ms. Thing!

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