Beyonce Carries Blue Ivy In Bazillion-Inch Stilletos, Is Still Superwoman (PHOTO)

If this photo of Beyonce carrying Blue Ivy in heels isn't your spirit animal, then something is seriously wrong.

Words that come to mind: #BALANCE and #TONED LEGS

Not even exaggerating -- Beyoncé might actually be the most talented lady/pop star/mom that ever lived. Aside from the obvious fact that we should "Bow Down" to her vocal prowess and ability to look flawless on not one, but TWO roller coasters, now, as if to mock our pedestrian ways of puking on anything that moves above 50 MPH, Bey has gone and upped the "looking flawless while doing really difficult things" ante by carrying Blue Ivy aboard a yacht in a pair of bazillion-inch stilettos.

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After her set at this past weekend's Made In America Festival, Bey and Jay Z hopped a flight for some post-festival R&R in Spain. And naturally, for Jay and Bey, "R&R" means renting out a giant yacht presumably stocked only with caviar, a bed stuffed with cash, and calorie-free ice cream. And for Blue Ivy, it means being carried in her impeccable mother's arms, which, in our opinions, is a vacation all on its own.

Also, we just gotta get this off of our chests: Blue Ivy isn't even 3 years old yet, and already she's been on a private jet and a private yacht. I'm, erm, older, and I've literally flown business class once and it was only because I broke my pinky toe and made a fuss about "extra circulation."

Toddler jealousy aside, we do suggest you take the rest of the day off to either go find a boyfriend who might help you create offspring as baller as Blue Ivy, or, if you're not into having kids, at least make a point to hit up a local Pilates class. Because #LEGS.

Photo credit: Flame/Flynet