Star Spotting: Austin Mahone Wakes Up Looking Perfect, And Also Water Is Reportedly Still Wet (PHOTO)

Check out Austin Mahone's bedhead!

That's right, Austin Mahone actually wakes up looking like this.

Today in obvious news that everybody knows, Austin Mahone continues to wake up looking perfect, at least according to this recently Instagrammed selfie that he captioned: "Just woke up!" Sure, we usually only drool over the "What About Love" singer when he's a bit more styled and has a little less bed head, but...

DO YOU LOOK LIKE THIS WHEN YOU WAKE UP?! Does your just-woke-up skin look like it just got treated to a ten-handed, collagen-firming facial? Do you have literally ZERO bags under your eyes in the A.M., with no puffiness to boot? We're gonna answer all of these rhetorical questions with a very non-rhetorical answer: NO.

If anything, this photo of the Artist To Watch VMA winner is yet another friendly reminder that hunky pop stars are, like, biologically engineered differently than we are -- he's got a buff bod, a stellar voice, and wakes up looking magazine cover ready! Paging all the pouts.

But you know what?! We're willing to be bet that Austin still gets morning breath, because EVERYONE gets morning breath! Ugh, who are we kidding -- Austin's morning breath probably smells like fresh mist from a babbling brook after a lovely spring rain mixed with just a dash of mint sprig for a cooling after-effect. PAGING ALL THE POUTS!!!!

Photo credit: @austinmahone

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