Cher Lloyd Wishes For 'Style,' 'Flash,' A 'Butt' And A 'Rack' In Her 'I Wish' Lyric Video Featuring T.I.

Cher Lloyd and T.I. preview their collaboration "I Wish."

Watch the lyric video for Cher Lloyd and T.I.'s "I Wish."

By now you must know that our obsession with Cher Lloyd and T.I.'s magic genie-themed "I Wish" runs DEEP. We were seriously down with the song after a mere 5-second Instagram snippet, and we bought our perma-ticket on the "I Wish" train when the full track dropped just last week. Now, the "I Wish" genie has unveiled the song's lyric video, which OBVIOUSLY means it's time for a karaoke sesh.

Watch Cher Lloyd and T.I.'s "I Wish" lyric video after the jump.

Unfortunately for us, this "lyric video" isn't one of those "special" ones with IRL people in it -- Cher and T.I. are nowhere to be found! What we do get, however, are pretty script words bouncing all around the screen AND the opportunity to memorize every last lyric! Who's gonna run down the street echoing Cher's wish for "style, flash, a butt, and a rack?" THIS GIRL. (Um, even though we are still beautiful, no matter what they say.)

Be on the lookout for "I Wish" when it appears on Cher's sophomore full-length album, dropping sometime later this year.

+ Watch Cher Lloyd and T.I.'s "I Wish" lyric video

Photo credit: Epic Records