This Photo Of Ariana Grande And Mac Miller Being BFFs Is Cute Enough To Frame

Ariana Grande and Mac Miller get cuddly on the "Today" show.

Adriana Grande and Mac Miller are on cuteness overload!

You know how when you buy a frame it comes with some cheesy stock photo of random strangers? Yeah, well, can we make an official motion to replace every single stock photo EVER with this ADORBZ image of Adriana Grande and Mac Miller being BFFs while performing "The Way" on the "Today" show? I mean, think about it: Not only would you get a brand-new frame, but you'd also have something to add to your "Ariana Grande Should Date Mac Miller" shrine photo collage!

Not gonna lie, we always thought that Mac Miller was pretty badass (see: "I Am Who I Am (Killin Time)" -- that ish ain't about twirling through fields of flowers and dancing with unicorns). But watching him hang out with pop sweetheart Ariana has totally changed our perspective -- now we're picturing Mac skipping down the yellow brick road to his happy place!

This photo also proves that Ariana's loveliness is totally legit (we're still awww-ing that time she hugged her mom on the MTV VMA red carpet), and apparently it's rubbing off on one of the biggest ballers in the hip-hop game. Orrr maybe Ariana and Mac are just practicing for their upcoming cuteness campaign? (Yes, we totally just made that campaign up, but this endearing photo would have us buy ANYTHING they're selling.)

Photo credit: Splash News