Nelly's Aiming For The Pop Charts! Listen To His Auto-Tuned 'Heaven' Collabo With U.K. Singer Daley

Listen to Nelly new jam "Heaven" featuring U.K. crooner, Daley

Listen to Nelly's poppy new jam, "Heaven," featuring U.K. crooner Daley.

Ummmm, 180 alert, anyone? When Nelly's grimy "Get Like Me" track featuring Nicki Minaj and Pharrell first dropped in June, we thought it was a clear indication of what Nelly's upcoming M.O. album (out Sept. 30) would sound like. Yeah, well, it looks like the St. Louis rapper's done gone and changed up the game on us. After one listen to Nelly's Daley-assisted "Heaven," you'll realize dude's got his sights set on some "Hot In Herre"-style pop-chart domination.

Listen to Nelly's "Heaven" featuring Daley after the jump.

Featuring a hook so sweet that we wouldn't be surprised if Nelly lifted it from a leftover Carly Rae Jepsen studio session, "Heaven" has U.K. crooner Daley introducing the money line: "Said it feel/ It feels like heaven."

Then, over an expertly polished, synth-laden track, Nelly drops his inspiring verse: "Take it to the heaven, take it to the floor/ This feeling heaven-sent/ Every single me and you woke/ 10 bottles and up, here we living up/ Fly by the clouds you'll never get stuck."

Sure, maybe some hardcore Nelly fans might wonder WTF is going on, but we can't say we're even a little mad at Nelly's new pop flow. Plus, anyone here remember Nelly's pop-tastic "Hey Porche"? Yeah, dude's a pop goner. But at least he's good at it!

+ Listen to Nelly's "Heaven" featuring Daley.

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