Tiffany Houghton's 'High' Video Is The Perfect Beachside Summer Send-Off!

Watch Tiffany Houghton's "High" Video

Tiffany Houghton bids farewell to summer in her "High" video.

It's September, the air is getting (slightly) less humid, and we are thiiiis close to enjoying a hot cup of cider while wearing a chunky knit sweater with ankle boots. Fall's here, yo, and frankly we couldn't be more excited.

But still, we know that saying "bye" to 90+ degree temps might feel painful for all y'all summer lovers, so to ease the process, let's watch country/pop newcomer Tiffany Houghton's beach-heavy "High" video! (And also feel a little jealous of how well she wears a retro polka-dot bikini and refuses to shed one drop of perspiration.)

Watch Tiffany Houghton's "High" video after the jump.  

BTW, if you haven't heard of Tiffany yet, then you'd best pay extra-close attention -- this pint-sized blonde powerhouse packs quite the vocal punch.

Born in Dallas, Tex., Tiffany moved to Nashville to pursue a music career at just 17 years old (does that remind you of anyone?). Over the past two years, this T.Swift-in-the-making (sorry, but they're both blonde and and like to wear non-revealing swimsuits -- we're calling twinsies!) has garnered QUITE the social media presence. Like, more than 150K followers combined. And like so many singers before her (*cough* Austin Mahone and Justin Bieber *cough*), Tiffany is the YouTube QUEEN of covers (see: her "Wrecking Ball"/"I Knew You Were Trouble." mashup, among mannnnny others).

Now that you've officially met your new favorite blonde, we'll move on to Tiffany's "High" video which, aside from showing off her vocal chops, is the perfect vehicle to jump-start your juice cleanse and reactivate your online dating profile.

With its track produced by Ethan Mentzer of The Click Five, Tiffany's "High" video is basically a picture-perfect montage of the best beach trip you probably didn't take this summer. Decked in an itsy bitsy polka-dot one-piece, Tiffany and her lady friends kick off their amazing summer day by hanging by the waves, double-checking their eyeliner in a compact mirror, and, duh, scoping out cute boys.

And speaking of cute boys, suddenly a gorgeous/shirtless bearded man shows up out of nowhere to sweep Tiffany off her feet! (Don't you love it when that happens?!) From there, the two lovebirds run off to go for a top-down car ride, buy ice cream cones, AND, yep, make out (class all the way, baby!).

In all, "High" is the perfect summer visual, even if it make us a liiiittle sad that WE didn't find any hot/available shirtless men at the beach this summer. Which reminds us: Hey, Tiff? Wanna clue us in on which beach you hit up? There's still, uh, two or so weeks of summer left! Hear that? Our bathing suits are STILL GOOD.

+ Watch Tiffany Houghton's "High" video.

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