Night Riots Pour Some Robert Smith All Over Their 'Remedy' Video

Night Riots have a shadowy new video for "Remedy."

Cali rockers Night Riots have definitely brought a darker style to their sound lately, and the band's "Remedy" video makes the most of the shadows. (Holler at you later, Jason Mraz.) With bright lights and flickering images spilling across the blanketed walls around them, singer Travis Hawley sings and dances in silhouette as the rest of the band rocks from behind their own transparent curtain. Colorful and artful, it's the kind of visual that could only be cooler with Natalie Portman busting "Black Swan" moves over the group's moody lead guitars.

Watch Night Riots' "Remedy" video after the jump.

But the track's energy's less inner demons and more pure celebration (think: The Cure), with whoa-oh-ohs layered over dance-punk guitar riffs funkier than month-old milk (if month-old milk was crazy delicious and also good for you). Thanks for curing our Saturday night fever, dudes.

The band's Young Lore EP is out now -- their first since their PK days. They've just hit the road, joining Buzzworthy faves Driver Friendly for upcoming dates in Texas, Oklahoma and Colorado after kicking things off at Anaheim, Calif.'s House of Blues. Keep an eye for the guys later this year, East Coast.

+ Watch Night Riots' "Remedy" video.

Photo credit: Richard Fusillo