Fall Out Boy Get Chased Down + Almost Maimed To Death By A Pack Of Tweenagers In 'The Mighty Fall' (VIDEO) (NSFW)

Watch Fall Out Boy's "The Mighty Fall" video.

Fall Out Boy get chased by a preteen gang in "The Mighty Fall."

It's official: Fall Out Boy are having the roughest night of their lives. When we first met our heroes, they were on the run from 2 Chainz in "My Songs Know What You Did In The Dark (Light 'Em Up)." But soon enough, they got caught and tortured in "The Phoenix," seduced by a hot meal and some equally hot women in "Young Volcanoes," tortured and teased in "Alone Together," and now, in their video for "The Mighty Fall," the boys get chased down and nearly beaten to death by a troupe of weapon-wielding tweenagers.

Watch Fall Out Boy's "The Mighty Fall" video after the jump.

The fifth chapter in FOB's ultraviolent "Young Blood Chronicles," "The Mighty Fall" mostly sees the boys running through the woods, trying desperately to escape some young, possibly deranged kids. This might also be the bloodiest, most violent clip in the entire series, seeing as FOB's attackers not only chase them through the woods, but they proceed to physically attack the band with axes and chains. Like, we're talking blood everywhere.

Later, Big Sean shows up to rap a verse, i.e. save lead singer Patrick Stump from some kind of boombox voodoo. And when we say "rap a verse," we actually mean straight-up snap some 12-year-old's neck (!???!). But Sean doesn't last long -- just as he's through saving Stump's life, a couple of Hot Girl Death Squad members roll up to AXE HIM TO DEATH.

Is "The Mighty Fall" some kind of "Spider-Man"/"In spite of everything you've done for them, eventually they will hate you"/Green Goblin-esque metaphor? Does Fall Out Boy fear becoming irrelevant to the very population that initially lifted them to fame? Decide for yourself below, and pray to God that FOB make it through their next music video alive.

+ Watch Fall Out Boy's "The Mighty Fall" video (NSFW).

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