OMG: Harry Styles Kissed U.K. Game Show Host James Corden + Niall Horan Got A BUTT TATTOO (VIDEOS) (NSFW)

Harry Styles and Niall Horan had a BALL on Sky 1's A League Of Their Own Show

One Direction's Harry Styles and Niall Horan got down and dirty on Britain's "A League Of Their Own"!

THANK GOD for British TV, amirite? Because while we're freaking out over the tiniest nip-slip and/or Miley Cyrus' nude VMAs bikini, our friends across the pond are promoting butt nudity and impromptu make-outs! Especially when the people spontaneously making out and showing their butts are members of One Direction!

Specifically? Niall Horan got a (stick-on) butt tattoo aka SHOWED HIS BUM TO BRITAIN / THE WORLD, and Harry Styles planted a passionate kiss on "A League Of Their Own" game show host James Corden. We repeat: This post is about a Harry Styles kissing a dude and Niall Horan's BARE ass! If you don't drop everything you're doing to watch, you're making a giant life mistake.

Watch Harry Styles kiss James Corden and Niall Horan get a butt tattoo after the jump.

First up? Mr. Napkin Head aka Harry Styles' dude-on-dude kiss with Sky 1 HD's "A League Of Their Own" host, James Corden! During a "Kiss Cam" segment (soundtracked by Sixpence None the Richer's "Kiss Me"), the show panned to kissy couples making out in the audience (#aw #barfs). THEN, the "Kiss Cam" panned to Harry and James, and the rest, as they say, is HARRY STYLES PASSIONATELY MAKING OUT WITH A GAME SHOW HOST. Harry looked cool, calm, and collected, and James looked like he "just died in Harry's arms tonight."

And now, for perhaps the best moment in U.K. television history (aside from the Royal Wedding), IT'S NIALL'S ASS TAT! Word on the street is that Niall once wanted to get a "Made In Ireland" tattoo on his bum, but the tattoo artist said his rump was "too squidgy." And fine, maybe Niall's butt is too supple for a real tat, but that didn't stop James from giving him a temporary one. Next thing we know, the Best Song Of The Summer VMA winner is trou-down, ass out, and temporary tattoo ON.

Moral of the story? The Sky 1 HD corporate office is about to get flooded with "GOD BLESS YOU THANK YOU!!! flowers from 1D Stans worldwide. Us included.

+ Watch Harry Styles kiss game show host James Corden, then do yourselves a huge favor and watch Niall Horan getting a butt tattoo (NSFW).


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