Here's Adam Levine In Small Black Underwear -- You're Welcome, World (PHOTO)

Adam Levine

Here's a picture of Adam Levine in just his underwear. The end. Game over. Bye.

Here's what my friends and I talked about over dinner last night: Is Adam Levine a boxers or briefs guy?! (Hey. We also talked about politics, so your judgey looks can just step aside.) Well, thanks to Adam's fiancé Behati Prinsloo's Instagram, now we have our answer!

OK, we're being polite here. Here's how thankful we REALLY are: Dear Behati, THANK YOU FOR POSTING A HALF-NAKED PHOTO OF YOUR BOYF. (Also, we'd like to thank yoga for giving Adam those abs.)

Along with the photo, the "Love Somebody" singer's soon-to-be-wife added the caption, "70's porn called. It wants it's vibe back. Immediately."

WOOOAH, not so fast, Behati! We're pretty sure nooobody's mad at Adam's half-nakedness. Actually, once we felt physically able to look beyond Adam's completely toned torso, we had to ask: Why is Adam half-naked? Is he backstage at a Maroon 5 concert? Did he take a quick dip in a pool to cool off after sending heat toward the VMAs last Sunday night? Yeeahh, this is about to get awkward, 'cause Adam sent major Twitter shade to the VMAs this year:

Awwww, funny you say that, Adam, considering how Maroon 5 won the "Best New Artist" VMA in 2004! You want us to take that back, or...? Oh, you'd rather we hung out in your living room backstage to stare at your naked chest? Happy to oblige!

Photo credit: @Behatiiprinsloo