Star Spotting: Jared Leto NAILED Miley Cyrus' Side-Tongue + Threw In Some Cross-Eye For Good Measure (PHOTO)

Jared Leto does a great Miley Cyrus-brand good side-tongue.

Looks like Jared Leto's trying his hand (tongue?) at Miley Cyrus' infamous VMA face. Who wins?!

Miley Cyrus had best get to trademarking that can't-be-tamed tongue of hers, 'cause ERRRRbody is stealing her move! OK, so maybe not everybody (yet), but Thirty Seconds To Mars singer Jared Leto looks like he's trying his best to imitate Miley's...WAIT! Do we have an official name for Miley's signature look? Tongue-erk? Twernk? Um, help!

Anyway, now all we're trying to figure out is, does the 2013 MTV VMA Best Rock Video winner actually have a longer tongue than Miley's? Don't worry, I've got my ruler for the investigation. BRB.

Shot by famed photog Terry Richardson, the "Up In The Air" singer unofficially imitated Miley but threw in a little "je ne sais cross-eye." But the best part? Even while making a totally goofy face, Jared STILL MANAGES TO LOOK FLAWLESS! Honestly, how does Jared make everything look so perfect? The guy hangs out with gigantic spiders, and we're all, "hottest spider photo shoot ever!" Then, he chills in front of burgers and we're all, "mmm, hunks and burgers." Now, he goes cross-eyed with a Gene Simmons tongue, and we're over here putting our life savings down in a bet that he'd still whoop Tyra Banks at model face-off.

Photo credit: Terry Richardson's Diary