Azealia Banks Gets Blonder + Wilder (Or At Least Laura Ingalls Wilder) In These Photos With Akon

Azealia poses for a photo with Akon.

Azealia Banks and Akon are apparently chilling after a shoot? WHAT SHOOT?

Though Azealia Banks has been a blonde for a good two weeks now (judging by her Instagram feed), we kinda forgot about it, what with her fire-engine red mermaid styling on the cover art for "ATM Jam." That's why this photo of the Harlem-born rapper/vocalist and her honey-dipped hair casually chilling with Akon took us by surprise! Well, that, and the fact that she captioned the photo: "Frizzy liZzy after a shoot w/ Akon."

What kind of shoot? Are we talking pictures, or a video?? Is Banks teaming up with the man responsible for "Don't Matter," aka the song that got us through, like, the roughest of faux-dramatic teenage breakups?? Does Azealia think that calling her flawless self a "Frizzy Lizzy" 'cause of a coupla stray hairs will fool us into thinking she's #JustLikeUs?! THE QUESTIONS THIS PIC RAISES!

Check out Azealia Banks' "Little Miss Prairie" photo after the jump.

However, none of those questions were: "I wonder what Azealia Banks would look like if she were a character in the The Handmaid's Tale?" -- but thank god she answered it anyway!

Azealia Banks shows off her "Little Miss Prairie" look on Instagram.

She's giving you dystopian feminist sci-fi!

Captioning the photo "Little Miss Prairie," it sounds like the "Yung Rapunxel" rapper channeled her inner Laura Ingalls Wilder when she got dressed that day. TBH, we would love to read a rewritten Little House On The Prairie book where the series' author is subbed out for Miss Banks. We'd expect it'd look a lot more like the wild west-y "Liquorice" video, and Nellie Oleson woulda watched her effing mouth if she knew what was good for her.

Photo credit: Azealia Banks' Instagram