Best Of Friends' 'Here We Go' Video: Beards, Banjos, And Button-Downs

Watch Best Of Friends' "Here We Go" video.

Best Of Friends opt for the all-Americana vibe in their "Here We Go" video.

What happens when a couple of Warped Tour rockers trade in their amps for acoustic guitars? Best of Friends' "Here We Go" is showing us the way, with a song that draws inspiration from groups like Mumford & Sons and The Lumineers. The band -- including Morgan Dorr and John Keefe of Boys Like Girls -- came together with Jamel Hawke and Ethan Dorr to write a song for fifth member Kevin McHugh's wedding. With that one a winner, the new group added Mario Fanizzi and Allyn Door -- Morgan's dad! -- making the band both Best of Friends and real family, too. Take that, Mumfords.

Watch Best Of Friends' "Here We Go" video after the jump.

"Here We Go" leaves Boys Like Girls' power-chord ways and punk-rock T-shirts behind them, going for denim button-downs and acoustic vibes. The title line "Here we go" extends into sing-along oh-oh-ohs, with the hook punctuated by the occasional "Hey!" shout. "I always that I would be a movie star," Morgan sings tenderly in the verses, but maybe he'll settle for folk hero.

Beyond "Here We Go," the band's dropped a handful of singles so far and played recent gigs in Boston and Los Angeles -- we'll bet our beards they'll be strumming at Lollapalooza before you know it.

+ Watch Best of Friends' "Here We Go" video.

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