Justin Bieber's #Swag Takes A Sparkly Turn: We Break It Down In GIFs

Justin Bieber wears this eye-popping blue bedazzled shirt.

Justin Bieber has somehow managed to make BeDazzled clothing all #swaggy.

Of course! The day after we finally get rid of our BeDazzler (LOL, yeah right, it's in our closet next to the puffy paints), Justin Bieber Instagrams the trend back into existence! As lifelong "Sailor Moon" fans, we couldn't agree more with this move toward "the sparklier the better."

Justin Bieber's swag gets sparkly!

Check out more of our Justin Bieber sparkly #swag GIF breakdown after the jump.

We'd like to imagine that he was, like, over the boring tee he was wearing and was all, "What's the best way to take this dud to stud? Ohhh! How about LITERALLY studding it with a gazillion sparkly jewels so that I stand out EVEN MORE in every photo I take!" 

Justin Bieber loves being shiny!

OK, so maybe we went too far. As if the "Heartbreaker" singer could even squeeze some D.I.Y. BeDazzling into his hectic schedule. (Um, a T-shirt with that much detail would take at least four "Full House" reruns to get through -- trust us.).

Justin Bieber takes his turn at sparkly swag.

Justin's WAY too busy hanging with BFFs (slash bosses), cuddling snakes, and shimmering in the studio while recording new music. But, honestly? We don't care if JB didn't hand-BeDazzle it himself -- we're just down with his sparkly blue swag, period.

Justin Bieber gets sparkly with his swag.

Photo Credit: @justinbieber/ GIFs: mooneternalpower.tumblr.com, in-da-moon.deviantart.com, gurl, gifBase