*NSYNC Play Hacky Sack, Do Other Adorable Things Backstage At The VMAs (PHOTOS)

*NSYNC prepped for their VMA reunion with a quick game of hackey sack.

*NSYNC channel their inner Freddie Prinze, Jr. with a game of "hack-EE sack."

So, *NSYNC and Justin Timberlake's epic VMA reunion on Sunday night -- life-changing, right? We're pretty sure that the only people not seriously shaken by it were, well, the boy-banders themselves. Just check out these pre-show photos that Lance Bass posted to Instagram, captioning, "Tradition continues with a hacky before the show."

It's nice to know these painfully attractive men were having such a lovely little game of hacky sack mere hours before they absolutely wrecked us with their late-'90s nostalgia overload! Seriously, we're literally still scooping our blown minds off the walls and floors (it's like the worst person at carving pumpkins ever tried to carve all the pumpkins), and we're guessing that Taylor Swift and her secret *NSYNC rhinestone tattoo aren't faring much better.

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It's weird, though, that the boys of *NSYNC would consider the bean-filled bag-kicking game to be fun and relaxing. When we think "hacky sack" and "late '90s," all we conjure up is the unbearable duress of having to choose between going to Dartmouth or going to Yale.

Switching the cuteness tone from "Ahh!" to "Aww!", Bass uploaded the above photo of him and his boyfriend, Michael Turchin (GOOGLE IMAGE SEARCH THIS MAN RIGHT NOW, P.S.) in front of a Moonman visual. "For the first time ever I got to perform w *NSYNC as an out entertainer and was thinking of this man the whole time."

Lance Bass poses with the VMA Moonman before his *NSYNC reunion.

We're not crying. We've just got naturally slick corneas, ya see! #DontCryOutLoud

Photo credit: Lance Bass' Instagram