Miley Cyrus Pulls An Epic 'Bangerz' Crotch Grab In The Wake Of Her Twerk-Nasty VMA Performance (PHOTO)

Miley Cyrus Bangerz

Miley Grabs her crotch for "Bangerz," but where's the foam finger??

If we're not calling August "Miley Cyrus Bonanza Month," then there's something SERIOUSLY wrong. Because whether or not you approve of Miley's epic foam-finger striptease/freak-nasty-twerk-a-thon at the VMAs, you can't deny that girlfriend's got folks talking about her.

And people aren't just talking about her skin-colored latex bikini, her unicorn slipper jammy jams, her new song "Wrecking Ball," her rumored "Black Skinhead" remix with Kanye West, or her Bangerz collabo with Britney Spears: On top of ALL of that, this daddy's girl is now doing an epic crotch grab in some new Bangerz promo shots. (Side note: We're guessing sleep isn't high priority on a professional twerker's to-do list.)

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Channeling the same "Miami Vice" vibe as her official Bangerz art and decked in some black-and-white Beetlejuice-esque pants (maybe a subconscious hat tip to her "Blurred Lines" VMA co-star Robin Thicke?), Miley casually sits on a clamshell chair and caresses her privates. No biggie. Not shocked. Billy Ray's OK with it.

Also, after Foam Finger Gate 2013, we kinda feel like Miley's suddenly been promoted to Rihanna status! You know, that world where 24/7 revealing a naked-yet-supremely-hot-and-toned bod is normal, and actually wearing a full outfit is like, "WTF, is hell freezing over?" Uh-oh, I think I detect a Rihanna vs. Miley "Celebrity Deathmatch"... only naked-er.



Photo credit: RCA/GIF: painhatesme