Star Spotting: The Only Problem With Harry Styles Playing 'Napkin Face' Is That We Can't SEE His Face (PHOTO)

Harry Styles' mug is covered by a napkin, and we're not amused.

We only know that this is Harry Styles is because we can see those tiny wisps of gorgeous hair.

In what we're sure will cause outrage ACROSS THE GLOBE, One Direction's Harry Styles has decided that it would be fun to cover his precious face with a napkin in a rousing game of "Napkin Face"! You know, that game where you cover your face with a napkin, throw on some sunglasses, and mold the bottom of the napkin around your mouth -- for realism's sake.

Along with the photo of Harry covering his stunning mug with A PIECE OF THIN PAPER generally used for wiping tomato sauce from the corners of your mouth (ew), Harry captioned: "Napkin whaaaaa?" And actually, we have to agree -- WHAAA? Maybe covering such an ideal bone structure and supremely chiseled jawline is acceptable in the U.K., but a professional heartthrob like Harry really should know better than to toy with our American hearts like this.

Then again, maybe this was the Best Song Of The Summer VMA winner's way of heeding Lady Gaga's advice to f*** the haters and cover his face if he wants to? But like, we're all about Harry feeling empowered, but can't he do that without swaddling that eerily perfect and symmetrical punim? Just wondering.

Photo credit: Harry Styles' Instagram