Lady Gaga Wears A See-Through Bra & Vintage Gaga Hairbow To Order Fish & Chips In London: A Helpful How-To Photo Tutorial

Lady Gaga’s here to teach us how to order fish and chips like a real Brit.

After snatching all of the wigs with her VMA-opening performance of “Applause,” Lady Gaga rightfully earned a reward.

Totally! Gaga deserves all of the “A-P-P-L-A-U-S-E” and all of the “F-O-O-D” and “B-E-E-R-” and “A-L-S-O-P-I-Z-Z-A” after blowing the roof off of Barclays on Sunday. (She’s got that flawlessly globe-ular, gold-dipped butt to maintain, after all!)

In London to perform at the iTunes Festival on Sept. 1, the ARTPOP singer took to the streets looking like the scarier, tougher and possibly water-type evolved Pokémon form of her 2009 hair-bow self…

…and ordered up some fish and chips like a true local. We gotta give it up! Should you find your Yankee self hungry and in London, here’s how to order up the classic British dish like a true Londoner, Gaga-style.

1.) ANNOUNCE YOUR ARRIVAL: “Excuse me kind sir or madam, but I would like the fish and the chips!” Throw in a coupla “Oi say, oi says!” for good measure.

2.) ORDER CLEARLY + CONFIDENTLY: Take your time, and don’t get overwhelmed by all those extra Us on the menu. They’re more afraid of you than you are of them.

See more photos of Lady Gaga ordering fish and chips in London after the jump.

3.) WAIT PATIENTLY: While your order is getting fished and chipped, figure out a fun way to pass the time productively. Lady Gaga has decided to hold an impromptu walk-off… with herself. Chantay! #SnatchYourOwnWeave

4.) FEED: Eat up! Congratulations, you’ve successfully ordered fish and chips as inconspicuously and British-ly as possible — just like Lady Gaga! See? We can’t even tell which person is Gaga in this “Where’s Waldo”-esque photo! Cheers.


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