Watch Azealia Banks' 'ATM Jam' Lyric Video Featuring Pharrell (NSFW)

Watch Azealia Bank's "ATM Jam" lyric video featuring Pharrell.

Check out the frenetic lyric video for Azealia's "ATM Jam."

Lest you start thinking that Lady Gaga's the only mermaid in town, Azealia Banks, the queen of the Mermaid Ball, has returned this week with the lyric video for "ATM Jam" featuring Pharrell. The follow-up to "Yung Rapunxel" and third single off of the Harlem-born rapper/vocalist's Broke With Expensive Taste, the track plays to both artists' strengths, focusing our attention on the piston-like beat and playfully staccato delivery.

The clip's so good, in fact, that it almost makes us forget about that we've been waiting for Azealia's debut album for longer than your average Jessica Simpson pregnancy feels like. (But srsly, this is starting to get into Guns N' Roses' Chinese Democracy territory.)

Watch Azealia Banks' "ATM Jam" video featuring Pharrell after the jump.

Though you'd assume that the point of a lyric video's supposed to be, ya know, the lyrics, this Adam Fearon-directed clip definitely follows the style-over-functionality approach of Katy Perry's emoji-filled "Roar" lyric video or Gaga's dragged-out one for "Applause." A typeface that's like a cross between "Metal Gear Solid" and "The Matrix"'s respective fonts may not be superconducive to reading, but damn if it doesn't look cool.

...Especially when it's overlaid with eye-popping '90s screensaver-esque backgrounds featuring dollars with Azealia's face on 'em (Bank$ Buck$?) -- kinda like she's taking the seapunk look of 2012's "Atlantis" onto dry land. Obviously, this just makes reading the lyrics even more of a challenge, but c'mon, Azealia's one of the trickiest MCs on the mics today.

From casually slipping into French to swapping the meter mid-verse, how many of you would've been able to parse out lyrics like "Hyphy-cheeky-cheddar-checker get her own cheese/ That's a chicken with her head off/ That's that b**** that won't be with her/ Official with that with that whole steez/ Flighty-fleety-feather-witch that whip that long weave n****" without looking them up? Oh, BTW, she spits that verse in, like, eight seconds. It's OK, come clean. #HilaryDuff

+ Watch Azealia Banks' "ATM Jam" lyric video featuring Pharrell (NSFW).

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