Is Conor Maynard’s 'R U Crazy' Video A Justin Timberlake 'Cry Me A River' Hat Tip?

Watch Conor Maynard's "R U Crazy" lyric video.

Conor Maynard plays the jilted ex in his "R U Crazy" video.

U.K. singer Conor Maynard is MAD. Why is he mad? (Read: Why would anybody be mad when they're a) talented, b) look great in a vest, and c) have the pop world on a string with tracks like "Animal," "Vegas Girl," and "Turn Around"?) Well, we're about to find out in Conor's brand-new "R U Crazy" video, which features him playing a very bitter/jilted/angry ex.

Who here wants to comfort him? Oh, EVERYONE? Not surprised.

Watch Conor Maynard's "R U Crazy"  video after the jump.

The first taste of Conor's sophomore album (release date TBD), "R U Crazy" is a slice of electro-pop goodness laden with Conor's Justin Timberlake-esque falsetto. In the song's video, a deeply pissed-looking Conor strides through an empty hotel as thumping, AGGRO electro beats pulsate in the background. Whatever the deal is, Conor is NOT having it.

And soon we find out why: Conor encounters a lady (whom we presume to be his no-good ex), which kicks off another round of rage. Conor yells at this woman, asking if "she's crazy for thinking they can start again" and schools her on how he's now hot, famous, and she straight can't have him ANYMORE.

It's all very revenge-y/"What Goes Around Comes Around" circa 2013, but with a little more angst, a lot more strobe lights, and a totally special British accent. But, um, you know we have zero problems with hot U.K. men on the rebound! Our offer to comfort you still stands, Conor -- we've got ALL the "I hate my ex" ice cream, and we are MORE than happy to deliver it personally to your hotel room.

+ Watch Conor Maynard's "R U Crazy"  video.

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