New Song: John Legend, 'Caught Up'

Listen to John Legend's "Caught Up."

John Legend breaks out the seduction kit in "Caught Up."

Is it hot in here? I mean besides the late-August humid temps? Yes? Well, maybe it's because we need one to 10 cold showers after listening to John Legend's seductive sexy-without-being-cheesy track, "Caught Up." Like, 10 cold showers and the entire month of January.

Listen to John Legend's "Caught Up" after the jump.

Following Legend's ultra-naked "Made To Love" video, "Caught Up" also features a couple other famous names: Hit-Boy produced the track and VMA performer Kanye West served as cowriter. You might also remember that Legend previewed the third single off of his upcoming Love In The Future album (out Sept. 3) last year, but now it's here and fully available to tack on to your "Saturday Night Seduction" playlist. (And no, Kenny G IS NOT ON THIS PLAYLIST. Highbrow seducing only.)

Featuring Legend's signature soul vocals, "Caught Up" kicks off with a series of #dark, moody Kanye-ish bass thumps. But soon enough, Legend romances us with lyrics about wanting to shuck off his daily pressures and just get "caught up" in some lucky woman's love: "I'm tired of my job/ I'm tired of my boss/ I'm taking you out/ You're taking it off/ You're taking it off/ The only thing on my mind is how we're about to get it on."

OK, taking a poll: Who here wants to take a mental health day with John Legend? Oh, everyone? GET IN LINE.

+ Listen to John Legend's "Caught Up."

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